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In Through the Out Door

Updated: May 4

In Through the Out Door is a TV series for which I shot the pilot. This is a historical thriller about America's first serial killer H.H. Holmes.

First day of the shoot. Hancock Park, Los Angeles. A turn of century neighborhood which worked well for our present day and late 1800s time period. However, it posed some problems for the cinematographer, me. We couldn't have a large footprint in the neighborhood, so shooting in open shade and time of day were paramount considertations.

This scene was set in an alley in Chicago between tall buildings, so we needed to diffuse the harsh Los Angeles daylight. I think this was a 40x40 silk and it took the whole crew to rig it.

Hidden from the street, Pan Pacific Park is a lovely gem in the heart of LA. For this scene, we were only able to work off a small putt putt genny. So we diffused the sunlight and cut in a little with 1.2k HMIs.

Our interiors were shot at Fonco Studios where they built us a beautiful set.

Jesse C. Boyd in the role of HH Holmes. Check out his work in David Fincher's Mindhunter as another serial killer.

(from left to right) Martin Cupping, Christine Kilmer the director Dale Peterson and Vic Stagliano These actors showed up prepared and gave wonderful performances. Martin grew up in Australia and employed a very convincing American accent for his character.

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