The American Film Institute
Master of Fine Arts: Cinematography, 2006
Brooks Institute of Photography
Bachelor of Science: Photography, 1999


2018 Abelardo Morrell project, Ministry of War
2017 Mobius, ParticleWave Entertainment (Narrative)
2016 The Lubey Driver, Director Scott Woeck (Narrative)
2016 Senisim Pasin, Dir. J. Thiesen, Global Virtual Studios (Papua New Guinea) (Doc)
2016 Port Logistics Group, Designvox (Commercial)
2015 Quandary (Short) Director Daniel Lusko, (Narrative)
2015 Izzy+ Project, Director Aaron B. Smith, Designvox (Commercial)
2014 Untitled Commercial Project, Aaron B. Smith, Designvox (Commercial)
2014 PLG Spots, Director Aaron B. Smith, Designvox (Commercial)
2014 Hello, My Name Is Frank, Director D. Peterson, Magic Ring Films (Narrative)
2013 Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Director E. Machiela, Gorilla Pictures (Doc)
2013 Kaleio Spot, Director Bub Kuns, Veracity Colab (Commercial)
2012 HR Symphony Spot, Wagnervision Productions (Commercial)
2012 Big Boy, T. Wolfe, Ministry Of War (Doc)
2012 Forge and Iron, Dir David Michael Phelps (Commercial)
2012 CWAM Short, Dir. Eric Machiela, AIA (Commercial)
2011 Never Surrender, Director Daniel Lusko, Connection Communications (Doc)
2011 PLANT, Dir. Karl Koelling, Taproot Pictures (Doc)
2011 Colson, Director Eric Johnson, Gorilla Pictures (Commercial)
2011 Specialized Bicycles, Venture Media Group, Dir. Thomas Kranzle (Commercial)
2011 Priority Health Spot, Gorilla Pictures, Dir. Eric Johnson (Commercial)
2011 Emmett, Chapdoc Productions (Doc)
2010 The Creed, Director Tim Kelleher, First Things (Doc)
2010 Hard To Come By, Director Dale Peterson, Magic TP Productions (Narrative)
2010 Mattel Spot: Burn In Key Cars, Dir. S. Kennedy, Black Valley Films (Commercial)
2010 Mattel Spot: Action Agents, Director S. Kennedy, Black Valley Films (Commercial)
2010 St. Michael’s Abbey, Director Eric Machiela, Gorilla Pictures (Narrative)
2010 Cambria, Director Kal Yee (Commercial)
2010 Riptide, Connection Communications, Dir. Daniel Lusko (Doc)
2009 The Ancient Boat, Solomon Productions (Israel) (Doc)
2009 Dreams: A Documentary, East Gate Productions (Doc)
2009 Inside The Revolution, Solo. Prod (Morocco, Iraq, Turkey) (Doc)
2008 The Knights Templar, Morningstar Ent. (Israel) Travel Channel (Doc)
2008 Secret Worlds: The Copper Scroll, (Israel, Jordan) Travel Channel (Doc)
2008 Secret Worlds: India, Morningstar, (India) Travel Channel (Doc)
2008 Other Plans, Director Judson Morgan (Narrative)
2008 Secret Worlds: Angkor Wat, Morningstar (Cambodia) Travel Chnnl (Doc)
2008 Secret Worlds: Maya, Morningstar, (Guatemala, Belize) Trav Chnnl (Doc)
2008 Flying Thunder, Tim Prokop Design Production (Doc)
2008 Tony Campolo Project, Dir. Eric Machiela (Doc)
2007 The Bride, Gorilla Pictures, Dir. Eric Johnson (Narrative)
2007 The Dalits: The Untouchables, Dusk Films, Dir. Rachel Dik (India) (Doc)
2007 The Epicenter, Solomon Productions (Israel) (Doc)
2007 Compass Vision Film, Director David Michael Phelps (Narrative)
2006 The Road to Rome, Connection Communications, Director D. Lusko (Doc)
2006 Hunting, Dusk Films, Director Aaron Smith (Narrative)
2006 Moments, Tandem Arts, Director Zakk Moore (Narrative)
2006 Two Nights, Snowbubble Productions, Director Oriol Bernat (Narrative)
2005 Greed, Ministry Of War, Director Corey Petrick (Narrative)
2004 Tom and Anne, Dusk Films, Director Aaron Smith (Narrative)
2003 Jewls, Seven6 Films, Director Paul Moore (Music Video)
2001 Why, Compass Arts, Director Josh Rose (Commercial)
2001 Redemption Rodeo, Compass Arts, Director Josh Rose (Commercial)
2001 Samaritan, Compass Arts, Director Paul Moore (Commercial)
• Worked as a still photographer for the Associated Press, Published in the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News
• Multi-format shooter: Expertise with DSLR, HD, RED, 16mm and 35mm
• Drone and Helicopter: Worked extensively with Tyler Mount and Kenyon Labs Mount, Phantom, etc.